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    Restarting Your Routine After a Break

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 12, 2023

    Restarting Your Routine

    Change can often bring about fear and anxiety, but it’s essential to acknowledge these emotions rather than suppress them. By gradually building tolerance, we can navigate through these fears and embrace new beginnings with confidence.

    Embracing Control and Planning

    Fear and anxiety can stem from the lack of control over certain aspects of life. While it’s true that some things are beyond our control, it’s important to identify the areas we can manage and create action plans to address them. By having a strategy in place to manage potential challenges, we can alleviate some of our fears and anxieties.

    Finding Your Pace

    When restarting your routine, it’s crucial to move at your own pace. Don’t let others pressure you into doing things you’re not ready for. However, it’s also important not to use this as an excuse to avoid pushing yourself. Communicate your concerns with close friends and family, and allow them to move at their own pace as well. By finding the right balance, you can gradually reintegrate into social activities and build your confidence.

    Building Resilience

    Challenging yourself regularly helps to increase your tolerance and resilience. Try engaging in activities that gently push your boundaries, even if they don’t always go as planned. Keep a record of your achievements, surprises, and moments of enjoyment, highlighting your progress along the way.

    Embracing Variety

    Incorporating variety into your routine can be beneficial. By engaging with different people and experiencing various situations, you can broaden your horizons and reduce anxiety. For instance, if one café feels too crowded and makes you anxious, try exploring other options. If a particular time of day is busy, experiment with different times to find a quieter environment.

    Communication with Your Employer

    Many workplaces now offer flexible working arrangements, which can be helpful for individuals experiencing anxiety and fear. If certain shifts or activities are challenging due to these emotions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your manager, HR, or a trusted colleague for support. Disclosing a mental health issue might entitle you to reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act, even if you haven’t done so previously.

    Embracing Uncertainty

    When dealing with uncertainty, it’s important to focus on the present moment. Rather than worrying about what’s to come, concentrate on doing your best with the resources you have today. Mindfulness meditation can help ground you in the present and reduce anxiety.

    Finding Support and Perspective

    Talking about your feelings and concerns is vital during times of uncertainty. Don’t dismiss your worries or judge yourself too harshly. Seek out trusted individuals with whom you can discuss your thoughts and explore different perspectives. Online communities can provide comfort, but it’s also beneficial to seek outside viewpoints.

    Reconnecting Socially

    As you begin to pick up your social life again, it’s common to feel initially awkward. Whether it’s discomfort being around people or feeling out of place in large groups, it’s crucial to go at your own pace. Determine what feels comfortable and suitable for your circumstances or vulnerabilities. If you belong to a vulnerable group and feel excluded, try to find understanding individuals or confide in someone you trust. Ask them to find inclusionary ways that align with your comfort level.

    Nurturing Family and Children

    Returning to the workplace as a parent or caregiver can bring a mix of emotions. While you may appreciate the change between work and home, it can also be emotionally challenging. Take the time to prioritize your mental health and seek additional guidance if you are supporting someone else with their mental well-being.

    Remember, if you feel overwhelmed by the content discussed in this article, don’t hesitate to seek support. Visit our “Get Help” page to access the resources available to you.

    By embracing change and taking control of our routines, we can overcome fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. With patience and resilience, we can navigate through these challenging times and emerge stronger and more confident than ever before.

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