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    Try this DIY coffee treatment the next time you shampoo and get stronger hair in return

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 20, 2023

    Who knew that a cup of coffee could do wonders for your hair? While we all enjoy the aroma and taste of this beloved beverage, coffee actually holds some secret benefits for our tresses too. Yes, you read that right! So, the next time you’re brewing your morning cuppa, consider saving some for a special DIY coffee hair treatment. Not only will it add a touch of luxury to your hair care routine, but it may also help you achieve the strong and healthy hair you’ve always wanted. And don’t worry, we have the science to back it up!

    The Power of Coffee for Your Hair

    You may be wondering how coffee can benefit your hair. Well, let’s dive into the magic that caffeine holds for your mane. In our bodies, the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can weaken hair follicles, leading to hair loss. However, according to the American National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), coffee has the amazing ability to activate cells in hair follicles by releasing ATP, a molecule that carries energy between cells. Not only does this promote hair growth, but it also combats DHT, making your hair stronger and reducing hair fall.

    But that’s not all – coffee has even more to offer your locks! Here are a few added benefits of incorporating coffee into your hair care routine:

    1. Encourages Hair Growth and Fights Hair Loss

    Thanks to its ability to stimulate hair follicles and counteract DHT, coffee can promote faster hair growth and prevent hair loss. So, if you’re dreaming of longer and fuller locks, a coffee-infused hair treatment might just be the secret to achieving your hair goals.

    2. Enhances Hair Texture

    Coffee isn’t just for strengthening your hair; it can also enhance its texture. The flavonoids found in coffee work wonders in fighting dullness and dryness, leaving your tresses feeling soft, shiny, and incredibly lustrous. Say goodbye to lackluster hair days!

    3. Boosts Blood Circulation to the Scalp

    Applying coffee to your scalp can have a remarkable effect on blood circulation. By improving the flow of blood to your hair roots, coffee helps deliver essential nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. As a result, you’ll not only notice faster hair growth but also thicker, more voluminous locks.

    4. Great for Detoxifying the Scalp

    Coffee can provide a much-needed detox for your scalp, helping to combat flakiness, dandruff, and even balance the pH level. Say hello to a refreshed scalp and bid farewell to those pesky scalp issues!

    How to Use Coffee for Your Hair

    Now that you’re aware of the incredible benefits coffee can offer your hair, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate it into your hair care routine. Well, fear not, because we have a simple and effective method for you.

    1. Shampoo your hair as you normally would.

    2. Brew 4 tablespoons of coffee and add it to a bowl. If you’re looking for extra conditioning, you can also add an egg yolk to the mixture. Mix well.

    3. Pour the coffee mixture onto your scalp and massage it in thoroughly. Be sure to work it through your strands with your fingers as well.

    4. Wrap your hair with a towel and leave the coffee treatment on for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. This will allow the coffee to work its magic, nourishing your hair from root to tip.

    5. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, and voila! You’re all done.

    See? Using coffee for your hair is that simple! With benefits ranging from shiny, luscious locks to faster hair growth – all without any side effects – there’s no reason not to give this delightful DIY treatment a try. So, the next time you shampoo your hair, brew some coffee, and treat yourself to an indulgent coffee-infused hair spa day. Your hair will thank you!

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