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    Sweat it out with Yasmin Karachiwala’s leg workout that you can do at home with dumbbells

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 10, 2023

    Restrictions and work-from-home arrangements have created a sense of stress and anxiety during these challenging times. To combat these feelings and improve both physical and mental well-being, an intense workout is just what we need. And who better to guide us than celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala?

    Yasmin recently took to Instagram to share a video tutorial titled “Here’s how to sweat your way into a power-packed week with me!” In the video, she recommended a rigorous leg workout using dumbbells. Her energy and enthusiasm were infectious as she encouraged her followers to jump-start their week with this quick routine.

    Let’s dive into Yasmin’s intense leg workout session:

    1. Frog Squat with Dumbbells

    Yasmin begins by standing with a slight bend in her knees and a wide stance, holding a dumbbell in each hand. With her head up and back straight, she pushes through her heels to return to an upright position. Holding the dumbbell between her legs, she performs a squat, lowering the weight towards the floor. She then repeats the movement to complete a full set.

    For those looking for a modified version, Yasmin suggests a ‘sumo squat plus deadlift.’ Starting with a dumbbell in both hands at chest level, she takes a wide stance and performs a squat. Then, she takes a dumbbell in each hand, maintains a straight spine, and bends down, keeping her knees parallel to the ground.

    2. Squat Jack and Side Punch

    Next, Yasmin performs a jumping jack while holding a dumbbell in each hand. After returning to the starting position, she squats and air punches with her right hand, alternating sides with each repetition.

    If you prefer a modified version, try the ‘squat and punch.’ Squat with a wide stance and then perform air punches while holding dumbbells in your hands.

    Yasmin Karachiwala recommends squats to tone up your legs!

    3. Dumbbell Swing and Heel Lift

    For this exercise, Yasmin interlocks the dumbbell in both hands. She begins with a squat and swings the dumbbell downwards, lifting her heels slightly as she returns to the starting position.

    In the modified exercise, known as the ‘dumbbell swing,’ Yasmin doesn’t lift her heels while coming back up.

    4. Curtsy Lunge Pulse

    With a dumbbell in each hand, Yasmin steps her left leg behind her toward the right side, bending both knees as if curtsying. She then performs a lunge using the pulsating squat technique.

    If you find this exercise challenging, try the modified version called the ‘alternative reverse lunge.’ With a dumbbell in each hand, step your left leg behind to perform a lunge and then repeat the movement with your right leg.

    5. Dumbbell Criss-Cross Squat

    Starting with a squat and a dumbbell in each hand, Yasmin then performs two counts of scissor jumps, extending her arms to the side during the jump. In the first scissor jump, she crosses her left leg behind her right leg and repeats the same motion for the right leg.

    The modified exercise is called the ‘squat tap.’ While holding dumbbells in front of your chest, perform scissor jumps without crossing your legs. Instead, tap your left leg to your right leg and repeat the movement for the right leg.

    Yasmin also invites her followers to check out her YouTube page for more workout sessions. So, ladies, get ready to sweat it out with this intense leg workout using dumbbells. It’s time to kickstart your week on a high note and take charge of your physical and mental well-being!

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