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    Summer tips: Ways to keep sticky skin at bay

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 22, 2023

    Summer is a season of fun, but it also comes with scorching heat and sticky skin. While sunscreen helps protect your skin, sometimes you still end up feeling uncomfortable. Don’t worry! We’ve got some tips to help you get rid of that sticky feeling this summer.

    Understanding Sticky Skin in Summer

    Dr. Mahima Agarwal, a dermatology expert from Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, explains that during summer, the rising temperature and increased sun exposure cause us to sweat more. This sweat mixes with the natural oils on our face, leading to sticky skin.

    Tips to Keep Your Skin Non-Sticky

    1. Wash your face twice a day

    Keeping your face clean is crucial. Use a facial cleanser twice a day to avoid oil, sweat, and dirt buildup. Choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type. For sensitive or dry skin, opt for gentle or fragrance-free cleansers. If you have oily skin, use foaming face washes or products specifically designed for your skin type.

    2. Blot away sweat

    When you start sweating, gently blot the sweat away with a dry cloth or clean towel. Avoid wiping it over your face, as it may cause skin irritation, redness, or bumps.

    3. Clean your accessories

    Wash sweaty headbands, hats, or clothes before wearing them again. Using dirty, sweaty items can lead to infections. After a workout, change out of your tight-fitting workout clothes and take a shower to remove sweat. It’s best to avoid exercising outdoors during the hottest part of the day and seek shaded areas instead.

    4. Adjust your skincare routine for summer

    Remember, your skincare routine should change with the seasons. In summer, opt for lighter products like gels instead of heavier creams or ointments used during winter. Lighter products help keep your skin oil-free and prevent that sticky feeling.

    5. Stay cool

    Keep your skin cool by using fans, taking cold showers, or staying in air-conditioned rooms. Avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day to prevent skin irritation, heat rashes, and itchiness.

    It’s common for those with oily skin to experience more stickiness during summer. To combat this, follow a dedicated summer skincare routine. Wash your face twice daily, pat it dry, and apply a lightweight lotion or gel-based moisturizer. When heading outdoors, don’t forget to apply a lightweight sunscreen. Minimize the use of makeup, and remove it thoroughly once you’re back home. This way, you’ll prevent clogged pores, breakouts, and bacterial infections. Your skin will thank you!

    By following these tips, you can enjoy the sunny days of summer without the discomfort of sticky skin. Stay fresh, stay cool, and make the most of the season!

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