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    Sharing a bed with your spouse can help you sleep better and be stress-free: Study

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 12, 2023

    A good night’s sleep is crucial for our overall health and well-being. It not only allows our bodies to repair themselves but also helps to lower stress levels, body weight, inflammation, and the risk of depression.

    Quality sleep plays a significant role in memory consolidation and better cognitive processing. The REM sleep phase, in particular, is associated with vivid dreams and has been linked to emotional regulation, memory consolidation, social interactions, and creative problem-solving. In fact, reaching the REM sleep phase is a key indicator of a good night’s sleep.

    But with all the stress around us, how can we ensure a good night’s sleep? Well, according to a recent study, sharing your bed with your spouse or partner can significantly improve the quality and depth of your sleep. Moreover, it has been found that sharing a bed enhances REM sleep compared to those who sleep alone.

    Even during times of marital conflict or differences in life, sleeping together has proven to help solve real-life problems more effectively. So, it seems that sleeping with your spouse could be the secret to a stress-free and active lifestyle!

    The Study’s Findings

    Most studies on co-sleeping compared it to individual sleep in couples by only measuring body movements. However, Dr. Henning Johannes Drews and his colleagues from the Center for Integrative Psychiatry (ZIP), Germany, overcame these limitations by assessing sleep architecture in couples that shared a bed.

    To achieve accurate results, they used dual simultaneous polysomnography, a detailed method that captures sleep patterns from brain waves to muscle tension, movements, and heart activity. The researchers also had participants answer questionnaires to measure relationship characteristics such as duration, degree of passionate love, and relationship depth.

    The study found that couples synchronize their sleep patterns when they share a bed. This synchronization is not related to disturbances caused by partners during the night; rather, it is positively associated with the depth of the relationship. In other words, the stronger the participants rated the significance of their relationship, the stronger the synchronization with their partners.

    Interestingly, the researchers observed increased limb movement in couples who shared a bed. However, these movements did not disrupt sleep architecture, which remained unchanged. In simple terms, while your body may be a bit unruly when sleeping with somebody, your brain remains unaffected.

    Although the study has raised several questions that need further investigation, such as the effects on elderly individuals or when one partner suffers from a disease, it provides valuable insights into the relationship dynamics and mental health implications related to sleep patterns.

    Conclusion: Sleeping Together as Therapy

    Who knew that simply sharing a bed with your spouse or partner could have such profound health benefits? Not only does it improve the quality of your sleep but it also reduces stress levels and promotes synchronization of sleep patterns. Additionally, it allows couples to better navigate real-life problems together.

    So, the next time you hit the sack, consider cozying up with your loved one. It might just be the remedy you need for a restful night’s sleep and a happier, healthier life.

    (With inputs from IANS)

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