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    Positive self-talk: Stop saying these toxic things to yourself!

    By Emily Hagan | Published on Oct 17, 2023

    Has that little voice inside your head been weighing you down? You know, the one that always seems to have a strong opinion about everything you think. It’s the voice that narrates your life and sets the tone for your outlook. But even your inner voice can turn against you when you constantly repeat toxic thoughts that hinder your progress. It’s time to change the narrative and embrace positive self-talk.

    To guide you on your journey to positivity, we turned to Dr. Vasant Mundra, a consultant psychiatrist at PD Hinduja Hospital and MRC in Mumbai. With his expertise, we’ve identified six toxic things you should never say to yourself.

    1. “I always do stupid things”

    Everyone, even the smartest individuals, makes mistakes. Sure, every action has consequences, but that doesn’t mean you should let anxiety control your ability to do things right. Instead of self-sabotaging and belittling yourself, focus on learning from your mistakes and improving.

    Stop saying these toxic things to yourself

    2. “I always fail”

    Failure is a natural part of life, and it shouldn’t define you as long as you know how to bounce back. Embracing failure is crucial for growth. So, don’t give up easily, keep trying, and persist until you succeed.

    3. “Nobody really cares for me”

    While feeling sad or lonely is normal at times, it’s essential not to let such thoughts consume you. How you perceive everything around you makes a significant difference. When you start believing that no one cares about you, you unintentionally push people away. Remember, there are many people in your life who genuinely care. Reach out and talk to them.

    4. “I should not speak up”

    Do you often feel like people dislike it when you express yourself? Do you constantly fear judgment when you speak your mind? Firstly, the people around you shouldn’t make you feel this way. If they do, it’s time to find a better support system. Speaking up is crucial for effective communication and staying true to yourself. Never doubt your voice or shy away from expressing your opinions.

    5. “Is it really worth living like this?”

    Have you been feeling persistently sad lately? While fleeting moments of sadness are part of life, sometimes sadness lasts longer and could be a sign of clinical depression. If you find yourself asking questions like, “Is life worth living?” or “It’s better if I’m gone,” seek help! No problem is too big to solve. Talking to your loved ones or a certified professional can make a tremendous difference.

    Stop saying these toxic things to yourself

    6. “I have no hope!”

    Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, sadness, self-harm, irritability, and lack of motivation are common symptoms of clinical depression. Other physical symptoms may include sleep disturbances, decreased appetite, extreme fatigue, and reduced sexual desire. Recognizing these signs can help you seek timely professional help. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost in the struggle, feeling demoralized and unsure of what to do. Remember, it’s essential to avoid thoughts and statements that bring you down mentally and emotionally.

    Let’s replace self-doubt with self-belief, negativity with positivity, and toxic thoughts with empowering ones. You have the power to change the dialogue in your mind. Embrace positive self-talk, and you’ll open doors to a brighter future. You deserve it!

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