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    Penile fractures happen in films, but can you really break your partner’s penis?

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 10, 2023

    We all know that if the headline mentioned any other type of fracture, such as a foot, leg, wrist, or even the nose, we wouldn’t be as intrigued. But here we are, captivated by the possibility of a fractured penis. So let’s dive into this serious and, well, painful problem. Because guess what? There might be no bone in a man’s boner, but that doesn’t eliminate the risk of a fracture down there.

    What Exactly is a Penile Fracture?

    If you’ve let your wild imagination run wild, picturing a penis snapping in half or forming cracks, you’re mistaken. Dr. Aditya Pradhan, a senior consultant in the urology department at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, explains that a penile fracture occurs when a man’s erect penis suffers a tear in the penile tissue due to an external force it cannot handle. In simpler terms, it’s a traumatic disruption of the fibrous layer protecting the erectile tissues and tubes responsible for an erection. This may also involve the urethra and surrounding tissue.

    Can You Be Responsible for this Damage?

    Let’s break it down. The penis has three tubes protected by a fibrous layer. One of these tubes is the urethra, responsible for passing urine, while the other two tubes swell up like balloons during sexual arousal, causing an erection. In this state, the tubes become stiff and cannot endure excessive force or pressure.

    Now, imagine thrusting too hard during sexual intercourse. It doesn’t require an Einstein-level intellect to realize that anything too stiff will break under extreme pressure. The same rule applies here, except the penis won’t break. Instead, the tissues and tubes in that area may rupture.

    But hold on, your man could be responsible too! Rigorous movements during sexual intercourse or aggressive masturbation can also lead to a penile fracture. Additionally, attempting penetration when the penis isn’t fully erect can result in injuries, according to Dr. Pradhan.

    Some Surprising Facts

    Your favorite sexual positions might be riskier than you think. A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research found that 41% of participants experienced penile injuries while attempting rear-entry intercourse.

    Dr. Pradhan explains that any position requiring the penis to bend unnaturally can be injurious and lead to a penile fracture. For instance, if the female partner is on top and puts all her weight on the penis area, it can also cause harm.

    Identifying Symptoms

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your night, and his penis, have been ruined. However, if you and your partner are smart enough to identify the following symptoms and seek treatment within 72 hours, his penis can return to normal:

    • A sudden crackling sound during sex
    • Flaccid penis and extreme pain
    • Tightness and swelling in the penis
    • Painful urination and blood in urine

    What’s Next?

    Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to help your partner except accompany him to the doctor’s office. The only way to treat a penile fracture is through surgery. The sooner it’s diagnosed and treated, the quicker he’ll recover. This also reduces the chances of permanent damage and infertility.

    So remember, while penile fractures may be a common occurrence in films, they are a serious matter in real life. Take care of each other and enjoy a healthy, happy sex life without any unexpected fractures!

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