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    Long sitting hours? These are 4 problems you could end up with

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 11, 2023

    Are you spending long hours sitting without realizing the consequences? Well, it’s not just about having a numb bum. Sitting for too long can seriously affect your health. That’s why health experts recommend taking regular breaks. When you sit continuously, not only does it put pressure on your lower body, but it also hampers blood circulation, resulting in numbness in various body parts.

    But wait, there’s more! Let’s dig deeper and explore the range of problems you might encounter if you continue to sit for extended periods.

    “We’re all spending excessive amounts of time sitting, especially with the rise of remote work. This sedentary lifestyle, combined with the ongoing pandemic, has given rise to several health issues that can complicate your future. Let me share the most common problems people face when they sit for long hours,” advises Dr. Samudrika Patil, a clinical endocrinologist and CEO of Vedicure Healthcare and Wellness.

    1. Hypertension

    Initially, during the lockdown, we all tried out various activities to keep ourselves occupied. From home workouts to making dalgona coffee, we were on the move. However, as time passed, we found ourselves spending more time at our workstations than on our yoga mats. Unfortunately, this is going to cause serious harm!

    “A sedentary lifestyle is more detrimental than we realize. Most lifestyle disorders, including diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and cardiovascular conditions, can be prevented with daily moderate exercise,” Dr. Patil suggests.

    2. Spinal Issues

    It’s no surprise that sitting in the same position for extended periods can result in back pain and spinal problems.

    “Long hours of sitting can have a negative impact on your hips and back, affecting your spinal health. Poor posture may develop as your flexor muscles become shorter, leading to changes in your spinal alignment. This can cause disc compression and premature degeneration, resulting in excruciating pain,” warns Dr. Patil.

    3. Weakness in Legs and Glutes

    According to Dr. Patil, prolonged sitting can weaken your large leg muscles, resulting in overall physical weakness.

    4. Weight Gain

    Weight gain and a slower metabolism are major consequences of excessive sitting. Physical inactivity can cause a decline in your metabolism, leading to weight gain.

    In addition to these problems, a few individuals may also experience anxiety and blood clotting, although these cases are rare.

    How to Avoid These Problems

    1. Take a 30-minute walk around your house to improve your overall health.
    2. Practice yoga for better metabolism, weight control, and to prevent hormonal and other health issues.
    3. Maintain a balanced diet with fewer carbohydrates.
    4. Use an ergonomic chair designed to support your neck and back, minimizing the negative effects of prolonged sitting.
    5. Incorporate skipping exercises into your routine. Just 20 minutes before work can make a significant difference.

    Ladies, remember to take regular breaks and keep these health issues at bay. Your well-being should always be a priority!

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