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    Know why your urine is dark yellow, pink or milky white

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 26, 2023

    The natural colour of urine is yellow. When you are properly hydrated, your urine will carry a light-yellow colour, and sometimes close to clear colour. However, your urine can change colour because of the foods you eat, your medications, and certain health conditions. The colour of your urine indicates a wide range of health conditions, be it minor dehydration or major kidney infection, urine colour can give you early signs to resolve the problem on time.

    Health Shots got in touch with Dr Sumit Sharma, Director and HOD, urology, Robotics & Renal Transplant, Sanar International Hospitals, to understand the meaning behind the colours of urine.

    Your urine colour can tell a lot about your health

    Generally, the colour of our urine is clear/ mild yellow, and abnormal colours and smells can indicate a myriad of health problems. Some are as follows:

    The color of your urine can vary and says a lot about your physical health!

    1. High-coloured urine suggests dehydration

    The expert says, “This condition is highly common especially when people skip taking water frequently or are affected by hot weather. Fitness enthusiasts may also experience the same as they sweat a lot in the gym but many times forget to balance with proper water intake. Here you may need to take plenty of water and other hydrating fruits like watermelon, melon, oranges etc”.

    2. Dark yellow or orange urine

    Dark yellow or orange urine suggests liver dysfunction and may indicate jaundice. Not every urine colour problem can be solved with mere water intake. If your urine colour is orange or dark yellow, then it’s a strong indication that you might be suffering from jaundice, with this your skin and eyes may also be getting pale. You immediately need to see a doctor and get your urine and blood tests done.

    3. Red colour urine

    “Red colour urine indicates blood in the urine that may be due to urine infection, Urinary stones, Urinary cancers This is one of the serious indications that cannot be ignored at all, any delay can cause aggravation of the underlying condition,” shares the expert.

    4. Dark purple urine

    Dark purple urine can be a sign of urine infection. It’s also called purple bag syndrome which is due to bacterial urine infection. One should get urine tested to find the underlying infection and to commence suitable antibiotics.

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    5. Pink coloured urine

    Excessive ingestion of beetroot may also cause pink or red-coloured urine. You might be on your fitness regime, and regular with beetroot intake. Sometimes your urine might leave a light red tint. For that just limit the intake of beetroots, although they are rich sources of antioxidants but not good if overeaten.

    Watch your urine colour to catch your underlying health conditions timely! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

    6. Milky white urine

    As per the expert, milky white urine suggests the passage of fat in urine. It happens due to a parasitic infection called Wuchereria bancrofti. It’s endemic in the states of UP and Bihar. So if one hails from these regions and complains of milky white urine, it’s because of this infection. Immediately consult a doctor.

    7. Green-coloured urine

    “Green-coloured urine also indicates urine infection caused by bacteria called pseudomonas. Ingestion of asparagus and certain edible dyes also cause urine to turn green,” shares the expert.

    One should be aware that these conditions indicate that the individual is going through some health issues, but only a doctor is the right person to confirm. Hence go for tests and consult a doctor if you experience any of such conditions.

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