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    It’s time to STOP eating these 10 foods with hidden sugar content

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 26, 2023

    We all know what excessive consumption of sugar can do to our health. It has been linked to an increased risk of many diseases like obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. And because of that, you might be consciously skipping cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats to reduce your sugar intake, right?

    But what if you are still consuming sugar, without knowing it? Well, if you are eating a lot of packaged and processed foods, chances are you are shoveling hidden sugar into your body on a daily basis. Frequent consumption might lead to unhealthy outcomes, therefore identifying those foods is important.

    Here are some of the foods with hidden sugar content in them:
    1. Breakfast cereal

    We all love cereal for breakfast because it’s quick and easy to prepare. Breakfast cereals such as corn flakes and muesli are often mistaken as a healthy choice, but sorry to break it to you that the cereal you choose can have a huge impact on your sugar consumption, especially if you eat it every day.

    2. Low-fat yogurt

    Yogurt is healthy or that’s what we think. However, not all types of yogurt are created equal. Low-fat yogurt contains sugar to enhance flavour. You may be shocked at the amount of sugar you’re eating. For example, a single cup of low-fat yogurt (245 grams) contains 45 grams of sugar, which is about 11 teaspoons.

    3. Ketchup

    Love ketchup on pizza, pasta, or sandwiches? It’s time you watch out for the high sugar content in it. According to a study published in the Journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, eating way too much tomato ketchup over a really long period of time can affect your vascular health.

    Overusing tomato sauce for a long time can cause certain health problems like diabetes and obesity! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
    4. Barbecue sauce

    Isn’t barbeque sauce your most favourite dip? But ladies, it has sugar in it! A mere two tables of barbecue sauce has 100 calories, and this can affect your heart drastically.

    5. Chocolate milk

    Using cocoa and sugar can make milk a sugary drink. However, milk is a nutritious drink packed with beneficial nutrients,so enjoy it as it is.

    6. Fruit juice

    If you think fruit juice is healthy for you, let’s break your bubble. Well, the reason fruit juice is unhealthy is because of large quantities of sugar. Without even realising, you consume a large amount of sugar quickly.

    7. Granola

    Granolas can be a significant source of sugars. Many people start their day with granola, without knowing that it is high in calories and added sugar. And this can harm your health, so be careful and choose products with whole ingredients like raisins, seeds, and nuts that are high in fibre and protein.

    8. Bread

    Bread is a staple in Indian breakfast; it may not taste sweet but is filled with sugar. 100 gms of white bread contains around five grams of sugar. Also, processed brown bread, which is claimed to be healthier, can sometimes contain the same amount of sugar like white bread.

    Bread can aid your weight loss endeavours. You just need to choose the right one. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
    9. Flavored coffee

    Flavored coffee shots have hidden sugar. Yes, these drinks contain as much as 45 grams of sugar, which is a LOT!

    10. Protein bars

    Protein bars that are available in the market are mixed with added sugar to make them taste better. It is not just you, but there are many people around who aren’t aware of the fact that protein bars are high in calories and added sugar. But if you’re making protein bars at home, you can control the sugar content.

    So people, try to cut out all these sources of hidden sugar from your diet!

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