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    Improve Your Hip Mobility with Yoga and Malaika Arora’s Expertise!

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 10, 2023

    Are you looking to enhance your hip mobility while enjoying the benefits of yoga? Look no further! Malaika Arora, the renowned fitness enthusiast and dancing diva, has shared her yoga experiences on Instagram, and her latest video focuses on how to improve hip mobility with yoga flows or asanas. Let’s delve into the amazing world of hip-opening yoga asanas and discover why they are beneficial for your overall well-being.

    Yoga and Its Impact on Mood

    In her caption, Malaika Arora emphasizes the positive impact of yoga on our mood. During yoga classes, you may have heard about people storing negative emotions in their hips. This is precisely why incorporating hip mobility flows into your yoga practice can be transformative, just like Malaika herself.

    By practicing hip mobility yoga asanas, you can release pent-up emotional stress, which may lead to a sense of relief from sadness, anger, fear, or frustration. These asanas also contribute to your body’s stability, flexibility, and strength. Moreover, they can boost your athletic performance and prevent lower back injuries or pains.

    If you want to experience a toned, peachy bum, check out Malaika Arora’s insightful article on hip-opening yoga asanas.

    The Best Yoga Asanas for Hip Mobility

    Now that you understand the significant impact of hip-opening yoga asanas, it’s time to learn some of the best asanas recommended by Dr. Hansaji Yogendra in a video for The Yoga Institute.

    1. Trikonasana

    To perform the Trikonasana:

    • Stand straight with a little distance between your legs.
    • Raise your right hand above your head, ensuring it is parallel to your right ear.
    • Bend your torso at the waist towards your left side, sliding your left arm down along your left leg until your fingers reach your ankle.
    • Maintain a horizontal right arm and a leftward tilt of your head, while holding the pose with straight knees and elbows.
    • Inhale, straighten yourself, and stand erect.

    2. Malasana

    To perform the Malasana:

    • Keep your legs apart and join your hands as you sit down.
    • Maintain a wide sitting position, pushing your elbows against your feet outward.
    • Distribute your body’s weight downwards.
    • Gently rise back up.

    Hip opening yoga asanas are important for emotional and physical health.

    3. Padahastasana

    To perform the Padahastasana:

    • Begin in the Namaste position with your legs as close to your body as possible.
    • Hold your ankles and bend forward, aiming to touch your head to the ground.
    • Return to the sitting position.

    4. Pigeon Pose

    To perform the Pigeon Pose:

    • Start with the downward dog pose and move your left leg forward.
    • Cross over your leg and sit on your left thigh, ensuring your left heel touches your right hip.
    • Extend your hands in front and bend forward, resting your chest on your left thigh.
    • Walk back with your hands, lifting your torso.
    • Bend your right leg to bring your right foot towards your torso.
    • Hook your right foot in your right elbow, rolling back your shoulders away from your ears.
    • Grasp your left hand with your left arm raised by your ear, maintaining an upright head posture and focusing on a point ahead.

    5. Hasta Padangusthasana or Hand Toe Pose

    To perform the Hasta Padangusthasana:

    • Lie down and keep both arms by your side.
    • Lift your right leg straight up, aiming to hold your toes, and then bring it back down. You may also lift both legs up for an added challenge.

    By incorporating these asanas into your yoga practice, you can experience amazing emotional and physical benefits while improving your hip mobility. Don’t hesitate to try them out today! Remember, Malaika Arora is an expert in the field, and her guidance can help you on your journey towards a healthier and more flexible body.

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