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    “I’m celebrating every inch, every curve”, Ileana D’Cruz turns spotlight on body image issues

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 12, 2023

    In recent years, the conversation surrounding body positivity has garnered significant attention. However, despite the progress made, countless tools still exist that promise to transform our bodies with just a few clicks. It’s as simple as that, or so they claim. Unfortunately, these tools often provide us with a false sense of self-worth. Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz has taken a courageous stance against the pressure to conform to certain beauty standards. In an Instagram post, she declared that she is “celebrating every inch, every curve” by deleting such apps from her phone.

    Ileana’s latest post featuring her confidently flaunting her curves in a red bikini has gone viral. It’s a powerful statement that challenges society’s obsession with unrealistic body ideals.

    The Link Between Body Image and Mental Health

    The correlation between body image issues and mental health remains undeniably strong. The relentless pursuit of perfection often leads to feelings of anxiety and can be mentally debilitating.

    Srishti Jaitley, a counseling psychologist at IWill, explains, “Our bodies are vessels that house our minds and souls. We share an intimate relationship with this vessel, our bodies, even if we’re often unaware. Paying attention to our bodies helps us uncover traumas and unhelpful ideas that have affected our body image. Body image refers to how we see ourselves, which in turn affects how much love we offer our bodies.”

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    Understanding the Connection

    Jaitley emphasizes that there is a circular relationship between our body image and our psychological well-being. Cognitively, body image affects how we perceive our weight, size, and shape. Emotionally, a negative body image can cause various anxieties and discomforts, resulting in unhelpful body-related behaviors.

    But why does this happen? Jaitley explains, “Our ideas about body image stem from what we have learned and what society has imposed on us regarding the ‘ideal body.’ Our relationship with our bodies is primitive. It starts with fulfilling our bodily needs during infancy and toddlerhood, and then we progress through psycho-sexual and psycho-social stages of development. Healthy fulfillment of these bodily needs is the foundation for trust, autonomy, and self-worth.”

    As we grow up, we encounter new experiences, seek acceptance and approval, and build our self-worth. Unfortunately, we often seek validation from the external world rather than from within ourselves. This pursuit sets unattainable standards of perfection and beauty.

    “We must remember that our bodies are in constant flux and will never remain the same. Embracing this truth helps build self-acceptance and allows us to tackle the shame associated with our ever-evolving bodies,” Jaitley adds.

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    Love yourself the way you are

    Cultivating a Healthy Body Image

    On our journey toward a healthier body image, we must embrace ourselves and foster a culture of self-love. We should never view ourselves as mistakes to be corrected. Our love for our bodies should be unconditional because they are our closest friends and allies.

    “Start by questioning what it truly means to be beautiful and to be yourself. In this emotional roller coaster of developing a positive self-worth, it is crucial to unlearn the conditioning and patterns surrounding the ‘ideal body.’ These patterns often breed self-hatred. When you find yourself wallowing in self-pity and shame about your body image, take ownership of it,” says Jaitley.

    We must ask ourselves who defines our flaws and imperfections. These flaws are what make us unique, and that is all that truly matters.

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