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    How to Plan a Babymoon Like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 09, 2023

    Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, the popular Bollywood actress, is currently enjoying her babymoon in Italy with her husband Anand Ahuja. The couple is making the most of their time, relishing the Italian summer and cuisine. Sonam has been sharing her joy and excitement through Instagram stories, and her happiness is contagious. If you’re considering a relaxed and rejuvenating vacation before the arrival of your little one, here are some wellness tips to keep in mind!

    Understanding the Concept of Babymoon

    A babymoon is a vacation taken by expectant parents before the birth of their child. Just like a honeymoon, it allows couples to spend quality time together, creating cherished memories before their lives revolve around the baby. The popularity of this trend is rising globally as couples embrace one last adventure before entering parenthood.

    When to Plan a Babymoon

    The ideal time to plan a babymoon is during the second trimester, which spans between 14 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. This period is often referred to as the golden stage because it offers relief from the troubles of the first trimester, such as nausea and vomiting, as well as concerns about pre-term labor in the third trimester. During the second trimester, these issues are minimized, making it the perfect opportunity for a babymoon.

    However, it is crucial to prioritize the mother’s health during travel, as medical emergencies can arise. Always exercise caution and consult your doctor before embarking on any journey.

    Taking Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor’s Babymoon

    Sonam Kapoor’s babymoon serves as an inspiration for expectant parents. Let’s take a sneak peek into her babymoon checklist:

    Medical Babymoon Checklist

    Dr. Neha Khandelwal, a senior consultant in gynecology at Madhukar Rainbow Hospital, recommends the following medical items for a babymoon:

    1. Painkillers for severe headaches or leg cramps during long flights. Safe options include Crocin, which is considered safe during pregnancy.
    2. Medications for severe nausea, vomiting, and fever. Crocin can be taken for fever.
    3. Antacids like Pantocid to alleviate gastritis and acidity caused by eating out frequently.
    4. Oral rehydration salts (ORS) sachets to combat stomach issues.
    5. A thermometer for monitoring body temperature.
    6. In case of emergencies like bleeding, severe pain, or reduced fetal movement, ensure there is a nearby gynecologist or medical facility for immediate attention.
    7. Avoid taking over-the-counter (OTC) medicines without consulting a doctor.

    Warning Signs to Watch Out For

    While babymoons are generally safe, certain warning signs should not be ignored. Do not plan a babymoon if any of the following conditions apply:

    1. Continuous abdominal pain that does not respond to rest.
    2. Watery discharge persisting for more than a couple of days.
    3. Placenta previa, where the placenta is low-lying or covering the mouth of the uterus.
    4. Twin pregnancies or pregnancies with high blood pressure.

    It is vital to prioritize the safety and well-being of both the mother and the baby. Plan your babymoon wisely, keeping these factors in mind.

    “It is safe for mothers and unborn children to travel between 14-28 weeks of pregnancy. Air travel, rail travel, and short road trips are generally fine. For long air travel, compression socks are recommended. It’s important for the mother to stay active and move during the flight. Similarly, during long road trips, the expecting mother should periodically move her ankles or toes and take frequent breaks to stretch her legs,” advises Dr. Khandelwal.

    During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, travel is not contraindicated, but caution should be exercised as this period is crucial, with a higher risk of abortion. Additionally, it is not advisable to travel after 36 weeks, as the chances of going into labor increase.

    Remember to prioritize your safety and the well-being of your baby while planning your babymoon. Follow this checklist to create beautiful memories while ensuring a healthy and enjoyable experience.

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