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    Hiring a caregiver for your parents? Ask these 7 things before making a decision

    By Emily Hagan | Published on Oct 19, 2023

    Growing up, we couldn’t wait to become adults, only to realize that adulting isn’t as easy as it seemed. Now that we’re here, another reality dawns upon us – our parents are growing old. As much as we want to take care of them, juggling work deadlines and their needs can be challenging. So, what’s the solution? Hiring a caregiver. If you’re new to this territory, don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through the process.

    Do you know how to drive and do you have a valid license?

    Imagine an emergency situation where your parents urgently need to go to the doctor or hospital. Relying on Uber and Ola is not always practical. Therefore, hiring a caregiver who can drive is essential. Make sure to ask about their driving skills and check if they have a valid license.

    How comfortable are you in sharing your medical history?

    With old age comes a weakened immune system. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to hire someone who might be sick and can transmit germs to your family. Don’t hesitate to ask about their medical history. If the candidate has no records to share, consider getting a general medical check-up done for them or ask the agency to take care of it.

    How good are you with technology like smartphones and such?

    If your parents struggle with technology, hiring a caregiver who is tech-savvy can make both your lives easier. They can assist with tasks like setting up devices, troubleshooting issues, or helping your parents stay connected with loved ones through social media or video calls.

    Have you ever cared for someone who is bedridden, wheelchair-bound, or has memory problems?

    Depending on your parents’ needs, they may require advanced care. This could include assistance with mobility, administering medication, or monitoring vital signs. It’s crucial to hire a caregiver who has experience in providing the specific type of care your parents require.

    Do you smoke or drink?

    Considering that the caregiver will spend a significant amount of time with your parents, if not the entire day, it’s important to know their habits. This information will help you ensure that their lifestyle aligns with your parents’ needs and preferences.

    How much training do you have when it comes to first aid?

    Knowing how to handle wounds, administer medication in different situations, and respond to emergencies is essential for a caregiver. Inquire about their first aid training and ensure they possess the necessary skills to handle medical situations that may arise.

    How many leave days will you need?

    Clear communication from the start is crucial, not just for the caregiver’s expectations but also for yours. Discussing leave days upfront will enable you to plan accordingly and find a substitute if needed. It’s important to have open and honest communication about time off to avoid any disruptions in your parents’ care.

    During this process, remember to involve your parents in meeting potential caregivers. Their opinion and comfort level with the person you hire are important. Make them feel like decision-makers, as their input is invaluable.

    Once you’ve found the right caregiver, you can have peace of mind knowing that your parents are in good hands.

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