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    Here are 10 ways in which people hide their anxiety

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 23, 2023

    Being anxious is not a problem, because it is quite common. The problem arises when you look for ways to hide it. This not just puts pressure on you to be something that you aren’t, but it can also have a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. And trust us, hiding your anxiety is never going to be a solution for anything.

    In fact, it works better the other way around. The more you’re open about your anxiety, the better you will be able to deal with it.

    So, how would anyone figure out that another person is hiding their anxiety? Well, these are ten most common ways to identify it:

    1. By isolating themselves

    Not meeting people is the easiest way to avoid awkward conversations, which is why anxious people stop socializing with others. They don’t make friends as often as others, they stick to their own group, and avoid being a part of any event.

    2. By keeping mum

    Well, this is not always the case, but if you see someone always keeping quiet when there is a conversation or discussion happening, then there’s a high chance that the person is hiding his/her anxiety behind the veil of silence.

    3. By being over talkative

    If staying quiet is one of their disguises, then speaking way too much is another one. Yes, you will be surprised to know that people who talk unnecessarily or beyond a required limit often try and hide their mental duress.

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    4. By pretending

    They just TRY to do everything. Not that they want to, but just to hide their anxiety, they act out fake emotions.

    5. By keeping themselves busy

    People with anxiety find it very hard to sit back and relax. They are always restless and that’s why they engage themselves in some activity or the other. This way, they also try to avoid stuff that can make them anxious.

    6. By being fidgety

    Shaking legs, moving around, rolling things over in your hands, etc – are all the signs that a person uses to hide their anxious side.

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    7. By smiling at everything

    Do you remember that famous track by late singer Jagjit Singh, “tum itna jo muskura rahe ho, kya gum hai jisko chupa rahe ho”? Well, a smile is the most common weapon that is used to hide anxiety. That’s because it makes the others believe that there is nothing wrong and you are happy with your situation.

    8. By getting into substance abuse

    Drinking alcohol, smoking, and doing drugs is nothing short of a gateway for people with anxiety. They take the help of addiction to take their minds off from the things that can make them anxious.

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    9. By enrolling themselves into activities they don’t even like

    As we mentioned earlier, people with anxiety try to hide it by staying busy. One of the ways they adopt is by getting themselves enrolled in things that might not even interest them.

    10. By shutting others down

    Before someone shows their dominance over them, those who are anxious go a step ahead and show their disagreement with people, before the other side lashes out at them. In this way, they try and conceal their mental duress.

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