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    For long and lustrous hair, give vitamin E oil a try

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 22, 2023

    Along with our body, our hair needs vitamins too. And one such vitamin that can do wonders for your hair health is vitamin E. It is best for hair when used as an oil because it can help in nourishing your hair, as well as strengthening and boosting hair growth. We know oils are effective for hair care and you must give vitamin E oil a try for better hair health.

    We asked Dr Nivedita Dadu, Renowned Dermatologist, Founder, and Chairman of Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic, to explain the many benefits of vitamin E oil and how you can use it.

    Just a couple of drops to keep all hair issues at bay! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    So, how can vitamin E oil transform your hair health?

    With pollution, environment, and sun exposure, our hair strands cumulatively get damaged, causing more breakage, discoloration, graying of hair, roughness, and even hair fall. And here, vitamin E oil can rescue your hair.

    Dr Dadu said, “Vitamin E is a group of 8 fat-soluble vitamins that are rich in antioxidants. It is important to maintain good health as they neutralize free radicals in the body which would otherwise cause much damage to our cellular structure and brain cells. Vitamin E is also very beneficial for our skin and hair. In recent times, vitamin E has emerged as a holistic solution to all hair woes, especially hair loss.”

    She added, “Vitamin E increases capillary circulation in the scalp, thereby helping to increase hair growth. As it turns out, minoxidil also works by increasing circulation, although to a much stronger effect. Antioxidants like vitamin E help to boost hair’s elasticity and shine—the two things that get destroyed when you blow-dry the hair or use heat to style it.”

    Here are the other benefits of vitamin E oil for hair:

    1. Protects the scalp

    Are you dealing with problems like breakouts on your scalp, smelly scalp or maybe a scalp infection? If so, then switch to vitamin E oil. Vitamin E forms a protective barrier on the skin to keep it healthy, preventing scalp issues. Use oils rich in vitamin E to balance the oil production on the scalp as it will also prevent your scalp from getting dry.

    You can fix basic scalp woes by using vitamin E oil. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    2. Acts as a conditioner

    Use vitamin oil extracted from vitamin E capsules to condition the hair post a wash rather than using chemical-laden conditioners off the rack. Wash your hair with shampoo first then apply it.

    3. Treats split ends

    It also helps to treat split ends. Split ends are a result of damaged hair follicles. Antioxidants present in vitamin E can help neutralize the free radicals that cause damage to your hair follicles. So vitamin E helps to repair the hair follicles and get rid of split ends, therefore you must try it.

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    4. Prevents dandruff

    Vitamin E can play an important role in treating and curing dandruff. Dandruff is a result of a dry scalp. When the scalp is dry, the sebaceous glands get a signal to work harder to increase oil production. This oil then starts clogging the hair follicles which further causes dandruff and an itchy scalp. Vitamin E capsules consumed orally or vitamin E oil applied topically work to regulate moisture and oil production on the scalp, preventing the occurrence of dandruff.

    Dandruff can be controlled easily with vitamin E oil. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    5. Controls hair fall

    If you want to prevent your hair fall, vitamin E oil can help! Vitamin E oil and capsules are very helpful in dealing with hair fall because they provide intense and complete nourishment to the scalp and hair. A well-nourished scalp and hair will automatically result in less hair fall and the growth of better quality hair.

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    Here’s how to use vitamin E for hair

    Vitamin E oil can be used topically and is available for dietary consumption through whole foods and supplements. You can consume supplements to fulfill your Vitamin E needs by adding vitamin E rich foods to your diet. And if you want to see hair growth then you can apply Vitamin E oil topically on your hair and scalp. Both ways are helpful!

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