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    Fed up of working from home? Here’s how you can reclaim your lost productivity

    By Emily Hagan | Published on Oct 18, 2023

    We’ve all been working from home for over a month now, and it’s natural to feel a little stir crazy. Being cooped up at home for so long takes its toll, but we can’t change the fact that work-from-home is non-negotiable. So, how do we stay sane and maintain our productivity during this time?

    Kuhoo Gupta, healer and founder of The K Junction, has some valuable insights on the importance of staying positive and optimistic while working from home. According to Gupta, it is crucial to prioritize our mental well-being and immune system during this period. People who experience mental upheavals are more susceptible to various flu and inflammations.

    Instead of letting anxiety take over, Gupta suggests calming your mind and focusing on constructive and wellness activities. By doing so, we can find a path towards making ourselves more resilient while working from home.

    Create a positive workstation

    To start, make your workstation a more productive place. Gupta shares these four tips:

    1. Create a positive workstation: Designate a separate workstation that allows you to concentrate while working from home. Ideally, set up your work desk near a window or balcony door to welcome sunlight, fresh air, and a view of plants and birds. Try to create an ergonomic setting with the right table and chair to maintain the correct posture throughout the day. Adding indoor plants near your work desk can also make it more interesting. Keep your laptop charger wires and other items neatly organized to avoid overwhelming yourself. Motivational quotes and colorful artifacts around you can contribute to a positive atmosphere.

    2. Declutter your workstation: Avoid piling up files and unnecessary stationery on your desk. Clutter leads to confusion and distraction. A clean desk reflects power and enhances positivity, creating a tranquil workspace that helps your mind focus on productivity. Remember to declutter your work desk regularly as physical clutter translates to mental clutter.

    3. Start your work day by expressing gratitude: Begin each day by writing down at least five things you are grateful for. This practice helps shift your focus from negative to positive, from scarcity to abundance. You can write gratitude statements on sticky notes and place them at your workspace. This exercise raises your vibrations and helps you stay grounded and positive. Compile affirmations and prayers that resonate with you and read them during work breaks.

    4. Meditate, do pranayama, and stay hydrated: Taking short breaks is essential for maintaining productivity. During the summer, it’s a good idea to get up for a water break at least once every 30 minutes. Even if you have a water bottle nearby, walking to the kitchen for water gives your body some much-needed movement. Incorporate square breathing, a technique where you inhale, hold your breath, exhale, and hold again for equal time spans. This practice boosts your mind and body.

    In addition to these tips, there are a few more things you can do to enhance your work-from-home experience:

    1. Dress up: Dress up as if you were going to the office to help boost your overall mood and feel good.

    2. Get outside: Go out on your terrace or balcony once or twice a day to get some fresh air, sunlight, and enjoy the sounds of birds chirping.

    3. Embrace distractions: Instead of getting irritated by distractions like kids, TV sounds, or kitchen noises, try to accept them. It’s nearly impossible to avoid distractions while working from home, so learning to embrace them can save you unnecessary stress.

    Even in the midst of quarantine life, actively applying these actions can help us feel more mentally strong and maintain our sanity. So, take charge of your productivity and make the most of your work-from-home situation.

    (With inputs from IANS)

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