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    Do you have sensitive skin? These 6 face washes will keep your skin healthy

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 28, 2023

    Finding the right face wash for your skin is not as easy as you think, especially if your skin is sensitive. Although having sensitive skin is common, those who deal with it are more prone to irritation by environmental factors such as pollution, sunburn, or even topical products. Unfortunately, this type of skin is highly reactive and gets easily irritated, which can further lead to itchiness, redness, tightness, or burning sensation.

    What’s important to remember is that if your skin is sensitive, you must avoid face washes that contain harsh chemicals. Always go for a face wash for sensitive skin that is chemical-free and contains mild ingredients that can maintain your skin health. With the right product, you can control and even reduce flare-ups with time. That’s exactly why we’ve got for you six best face washes for sensitive skin that can keep your skin healthy and radiant.

    These are the best face washes for sensitive skin:

    1. Plum Hello Aloe Skin Loving Face Wash, Rs 276

    What is the best ingredient for sensitive skin? Well, don’t think much, it’s aloe vera! The plum hello aloe skin-loving face wash contains aloe vera, which makes it the best face wash for sensitive skin. It helps soothe redness, infection, rashes, and itchiness. This face wash works great to keep your skin hydrated and soft, so you can use it regularly.

    2. RE’ Equil Oil Control Anti-Acne Face Wash, Rs 450

    This RE’ Equil oil control anti-acne face wash is suitable for those with sensitive skin. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that are harsh for sensitive skin. In fact, it is also suitable for those who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin. Also, the brand contains zinc PCA that has been shown to be super effective for treating pimples and breakouts. It can easily reduce redness of the skin and sebum secretion, thereby boosting the process of skin healing.

    3. SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam, Rs 505

    As its name suggests, this one is a foam-based cleanser. It can provide gentle exfoliation by helping to remove dirt, impurities, and excess oil. This clear face cleansing foam formulated with panthenol acts as a moisturiser and removes bacteria from the skin. SebaMed is very gentle on the skin, and also helps to maintain the pH balance. And guess what? It is free from chemicals like paraben, SLS, and phthalate.

    4. Khadi Mauri Herbal Fenugreek Face Wash, Rs 156

    If you love using Ayurvedic and herbal products, you’ll love this khadi mauri herbal fenugreek face wash. The key ingredient of this face wash is fenugreek, which contains vitamin K and C that helps to remove impurities or dirt from the skin, reduces blemishes and dark circles, and helps your skin to glow naturally. So, if you have sensitive skin, it can help. This herbal formula is powerful, yet gentle, and can also be used to cleanse pores and rejuvenate the skin.

    Take care of your sensitive skin with these face washes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
    5. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash, Rs 378

    This Mamaearth vitamin C face wash is the perfect choice for sensitive skin, because it is loaded with the goodness of vitamin C, turmeric, cucumber, and aloe vera. This product is a powerhouse of essential nutrients for your skin. Turmeric fights against acne and irritation on the face, while vitamin C protects the skin from free radical damage and gently removes all the dirt and impurities. It can be used regularly without any hassle.

    5. WOW Skin Science Ubtan Foaming Face Wash, Rs 329

    It really is tough to take care of sensitive skin, but with WOW skin science ubtan foaming face wash, you never have to worry. This face wash is made from traditional natural ingredients such as almond powder, saffron, turmeric, rosewater, chickpea flour, and sandalwood oil. It is a gentle, natural, and effective product to tackle sensitive skin problems. WOW face wash can remove dead skin, neutralize free radicals, prevent fine lines, patchy skin, and protects against skin damage. This face wash comes with a built-in face brush that helps to gently exfoliate your skin, and removes dirt.

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