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    Bush or no bush, these 5 tips will help you care for your pubic hair the right way

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 21, 2023

    Ahhh… pubic hair! This patch of strands comes with its own unique problems. While some women like to shave or wax it off, others like a full bush. And neither sect is wrong. Even though pubic hair serves a purpose (like preventing chafing and infections down there), all women need to be abide by one golden rule: your bush, your choice!

    That said, women also need to groom themselves down there—and that involves more than just getting rid of the hair. From washing up to not using certain kind of products—here are the golden rules of pubic hair grooming all women need to know:

    1. Keep it clean Your vagina might be self cleaning, but your pubic hair isn’t. When you pee, guess what catches errant drops? You guessed it: it’s your fur patch. So even if you have a zero-hair down there policy or you merely trim—you need to wash your pubic area with a gentle soap daily.

    2. Use fresh a razor each time If hot wax is not your weapon of choice for getting rid of all that fur and you prefer using a razor, then please ensure you use the disposable kind. Using a fresh razor each time for your pubic hair ensures that you are reducing your risk of infection.

    Pubic hair has a purpose. Kindly leave them alone. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    Plus a new razor equals new blades, which will ensure quick removal without going over the same area over and over again. This means no razor burn, a closer shave, and no rust-laden and dulled blades posing a risk of infection.

    3. Never shave without lathering up first Just like you use soap or shaving cream on your hands and legs before running a razor all over them, you need to lather up your pubic hair too. This will ensure there is less friction and cuts—and give you a better experience over all.

    4. Use fragrance-free products Whether or not you have hair down there, you need to ensure that you only use products that are devoid of artificial fragrances. Since the skin on your pubic mound is already sensitive—even more so if you wax or shave—when you use products with fragrance, you run the risk of irritation. So, if you want to slather on a moisturiser or oil down there—choose one that has no added fragrance and other irritants.

    Sprays around your parts is a bad omen. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    5. Avoid tight clothing This is perhaps the most important lesson in today’s chapter on how to take care of your pubic hair. While cleansing, shaving, and moisturising is quite alright—you need to ensure that you let the area breathe. The best way to do that is by avoiding tight clothing.

    While you’re at it, only wear underwear which is made of 100% breathable fabric like cotton. And if possible, avoid wearing them while sleeping at night to let your lady bits breathe a sigh of relief.

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