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    Bhringraj can help you boost hair growth and control hair fall! Know how to use it

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 22, 2023

    Do you ever wake up to a good hair day and instantly feel amazing? Your mood can definitely be influenced by the state of your hair! Healthy and lustrous locks have the power to boost our confidence. On the flip side, hair problems like dandruff, damaged strands, and excessive hair fall can leave you feeling down. These issues can take a toll on your hair growth and overall hair health. If you’ve tried numerous hair care products without success, it’s time to give Bhringraj, an Ayurvedic herb, a shot! Let us walk you through how to use Bhringraj for your hair.

    Bhringraj: A Miracle Ingredient for Hair Care

    Eclipta alba, commonly known as Bhringraj, is a remarkable herb renowned for its therapeutic properties. In Sanskrit, it is called “Kesaraja,” meaning ‘the king of hair,’ which clearly depicts its effectiveness.

    We spoke to Dr. Monica Chahar, Chief Dermatologist and Director at Skin Decor, Dwarka, New Delhi, to learn about the benefits and the correct way to use Bhringraj.

    According to Dr. Chahar, “Bhringraj is a treasure trove of beneficial compounds like flavonoids and phytochemicals, which are ideal for promoting hair growth. It is most commonly used as a hair oil. This humble and low-maintenance hair care product can save you from spending a fortune on expensive treatments!”

    She further adds, “Regular use of Bhringraj oil provides excellent support, care, nourishment, and protection for your hair.”

    Experience the 7 Incredible Benefits of Bhringraj for Your Hair

    By taking a little extra care and using the right products, you can get closer to your dream of having long, healthy, and vibrant hair all the time. Bhringraj is one of those products that can make a significant difference.

    Here are 7 key benefits that Bhringraj offers:

    1. Nourishes Your Hair: Bhringraj deeply nourishes your hair, resulting in healthier and shinier locks. It acts as a moisturizer and natural conditioner, improving the overall texture and volume of your hair.

    2. Combats Scalp Psoriasis: Its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties help combat scalp psoriasis, keeping those troublesome flakes at bay.

    3. Deep Penetration: Due to its dense consistency, Bhringraj oil penetrates deeply into your scalp compared to other oils, moisturizing your hair from the inside out.

    4. Reduces Hair Fall: Bhringraj provides essential nutrients to your scalp, effectively preventing breakage and reducing hair fall and thinning.

    5. Fights Scalp Issues: Say goodbye to dandruff, dryness, and weak roots, as Bhringraj fights against these common scalp issues that often lead to hair loss.

    6. Slows Down Premature Greying: Worried about premature greying? Bhringraj can help slow down this process and restore blackness to dull hair.

    7. Promotes Hair Growth: Bhringraj acts as a vasodilator, improving blood flow to your scalp and hair roots. This increased blood circulation promotes hair growth.

    Apart from its magical benefits for hair, Bhringraj is also used for treating certain types of infections, improving memory, and relieving stress, according to Dr. Chahar.

    How to Use Bhringraj for Optimal Hair Growth?

    Now that you are aware of the incredible benefits Bhringraj offers for your hair, it’s time to put it into action. The most effective way to reap the benefits of this magical herb is by using it as an oil. Here’s how you can give yourself a relaxing Bhringraj oil massage:

    Step 1: Detangle your hair before applying Bhringraj oil.

    Step 2: Warm the Bhringraj oil to a moderate temperature.

    Note: Using warm oil is known to increase hair strength, reduce scalp and hair dryness, and help with dandruff relief.

    Step 3: Pour the oil onto your scalp and gently massage it in.

    Note: Remember to massage your scalp in a smooth and circular motion.

    Step 4: Once your scalp is covered in oil, apply it to the length of your hair.

    Step 5: Allow the oil to work its magic for 4-5 hours before washing your hair.

    By pampering your hair with a Bhringraj oil massage twice a week, you can enhance blood circulation in your scalp, activate hair follicles, and stimulate hair growth. Soon enough, you’ll notice thicker, glossier, and healthier hair.

    So, go ahead and fulfill your desire for long, beautiful hair with Bhringraj!

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