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    Beige flags in a relationship: What is TikTok’s viral dating trend?

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 20, 2023

    Relationships have always had their fair share of red flags and green flags, but have you heard of beige flags? TikTok’s latest trend has people posting videos about their partner’s beige flags, those signs that neither impress nor repel but still make you pause. It could be strange habits or quirks that catch your attention. And this trend isn’t just limited to romantic relationships, but also extends to friendships and even online dating profiles.

    Let’s face it, creating an appealing online dating profile can be daunting. From choosing the perfect picture to crafting witty answers, dating apps demand your best self. But sometimes, profiles miss the mark and fall into the realm of beige flags. Yes, that’s right! Red flags are no longer the only concern; beige flags have taken over.

    To understand what beige flags are and what to look out for, we spoke with relationship counsellor Ruchi Ruuh and senior psychologist Shinjini Deb. They describe beige flags as traits that fall somewhere in between red and green flags. These traits may not add or devalue your relationship but are simply there, making the person or situation appear uninteresting or bland.

    In the world of online dating, beige flags manifest as profiles that lack uniqueness and fail to stand out. You can tell that going on a date with such a person would be uninteresting or unlikely to lead to anything meaningful. Of course, everyone seeks different qualities in a potential partner, but just as we stay alert for red flags, it’s important to also be wary of beige flags.

    Understanding yourself and your relationship expectations is crucial in identifying beige flags. According to Deb, being clear about what you consider non-evasive, non-threatening, and bearable behavior in a partner will help you recognize beige flags.

    Here are some beige flags to watch out for in both online and offline dating, relationships, or marriage:

    Watch how they conduct themselves

    Pay attention to the way your partner talks and the conversations they gravitate towards. For example, if they tend to click their tongue and nod repeatedly when discussing important topics or share sad stories, it could be a beige flag.

    Lifestyle habits

    Certain habits or preferences can also be beige flags. For instance, if your partner insists on sleeping only on the right side of the bed due to discomfort on the left side, it may seem odd but harmless.


    Sometimes, unique fears or phobias can be considered beige flags. Just like Rachel from “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” who freaked out when someone touched their eyes or applied eye drops, these quirks may seem weird but don’t necessarily affect the relationship.

    Too many selfies

    Profiles flooded with selfies can indicate a lack of hobbies or a boring lifestyle. Generic photos that all look the same suggest a lack of effort or personality.

    Boring captions

    Captions like “Vacay mode” or “Beast Mode” can be uninspiring, indicating a lack of creativity or effort in showcasing oneself.

    Generic or over-popular hobbies

    Listing common hobbies like going to the gym, listening to music, or being a food lover may lack the specificity that reveals a person’s true personality.

    Mention of overused quotes

    Using overused quotes, songs, or movie references in their profile can be a sign of a lack of originality or creativity.

    Surface-level conversations

    People with beige flags tend to keep conversations on a surface level, avoiding deeper discussions or asking for details about their trips or experiences. This suggests a preference to keep things shallow and casual.

    While it’s important to be aware of these beige flags, it’s equally important to acknowledge the positive qualities in your partner. In a world often focused on red flags, highlighting the best qualities and celebrating the green flags of your loved ones can bring joy and happiness to your relationship.

    So, pay attention to those beige flags, but don’t forget to appreciate the vibrant hues that make your relationship special.

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