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    Are electric toothbrushes really worth the hype? This is what a dentist has to say

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 24, 2023

    We are all aware of the importance of brushing our teeth since childhood. It is the basic foundation of maintaining good oral health and hygiene. But as we grow up, we tend to hastily brush our teeth, while doing other chores. This makes the efficacy really low, leaving you prone to dental cavities, decay or other issues.

    So, what do you do? Although you can surely brush your teeth more mindfully using a manual toothbrush, if you are unable to do so, then consider switching to an electric toothbrush!

    When we asked Dr Yatharth Bhatia, consultant, dental sciences at Fortis Hospital, Gurugram, he said, “The technology is evolving day by day, making the work easier and more efficient. The automation provided by the electric toothbrush can help brush your teeth properly with various movement techniques that it offers.”

    He further explains, “While the efficiency of a manual toothbrush is at par with the electronic one, the lack of knowledge, technique and time required by the manual toothbrush is not something that everyone has. In such a scenario, for a quicker solution, electric toothbrushes can be the go-to option, because of how automated and efficient it is.”

    Dr Bhatia recommends electronic brushes as a good alternative to your manual one! Here are 3 reasons why you can consider switching to one:

    1. Can clean your teeth more thoroughly

    The advanced design and technology helps the bristles rotate and move in different oscillating motions. This means the electric brush can reach places, where your manual brush can’t! With proper cleaning of the backs of molars and the gum line, the chances of cavities and gingivitis are also reduced.

    A survey conducted by the American Dental Association found that more than 80% of the participants that used an electric toothbrush showed an improvement in their oral health. Studies published in the American Journal of Dentistry and the British Dental Journal also support the use of electric toothbrushes.

    Keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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    2. The built-in times ensures your teeth are cleaned properly

    The morning rush is real! And brushing your teeth also happens in haste, leaving your teeth not as clean as they should be! You’ll be surprised to know that on an average, people just brush their teeth for 30 seconds to 1 minute, whereas the recommended time is 2 minutes, 30 seconds in each quadrant of your mouth. A built-in timer will ensure that you are brushing your teeth long enough to clean it thoroughly.

    3. It will make sure you are not hurting your gums

    Bleeding gums can be a nightmare for all of us. It generally happens when you brush way too vigorously and hard. In this case, electric toothbrushes can be your saviour! And no, the movements and the vibrations won’t hurt your gums. With an electric toothbrush, you just have to hold it without any pressure, while it gently brushes your teeth and does its job.

    While the electric ones are obviously more expensive than the manual ones, they also last you longer! So, if you are considering switching, think no more and go ahead!

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