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    7 amazing things that happen to your body when you have sex

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 22, 2023

    Sex is a remarkable experience that can bring about a plethora of changes in our bodies within just a short span of time. From the surge of emotions to the pleasurable stimulation, sex offers numerous physical and mental benefits. Unfortunately, societal taboos often cast a shadow over this natural and enjoyable part of life. Let’s dive into the amazing things that happen to your body during sex and embrace the wonders of this intimate act.

    The Sexual Response Cycle

    To understand the transformative effects of sex, let’s explore the four phases of the sexual response cycle in the human body:

    Phase 1: Desire – Igniting the Fire

    The journey begins with desire, where excitement and anticipation build up. Feelings of longing and anticipation fill the air, setting the stage for the exhilarating adventure that lies ahead.

    Phase 2: Stimulation – Arousing the Senses

    As the flames of desire ignite, the body responds with heightened arousal. Blood vessels dilate, allowing increased blood flow to the reproductive organs. This influx of blood leads to vaginal expansion and lubrication—a sign that the body is preparing for pleasure.

    Phase 3: Orgasm – The Culmination of Pleasure

    Here comes the climax—the most intense part of the sexual experience. As heart rates soar and passion reaches its peak, the body releases a surge of nitric oxide. This special chemical activates erogenous zones, making the nipples, neck, and genitals hypersensitive to touch. Pleasure intensifies, leading to euphoric contractions and release.

    Phase 4: Resolution – The Afterglow

    After reaching orgasm, the body gradually returns to its pre-aroused state. Pelvic muscles relax, the uterus and clitoris return to their normal positions, and swelling in the vagina and breasts subsides. The body also releases prolactin, a hormone that induces a sense of calm and can promote sleep.

    The Seven Transformative Effects of Sex

    Now that we understand the sexual response cycle, let’s explore the incredible things that happen to your body during sex:

    1. A Boost of Happiness

    Sex unleashes a flood of happy hormones called oxytocin. This feel-good neurotransmitter, secreted by the brain, acts as a natural stress buster. Research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine confirms that sex promotes emotional well-being and happiness.

    2. Natural Lubrication

    During sex, as blood flow increases to the reproductive organs, the body responds by producing natural lubrication. This ensures a comfortable and pleasurable experience, enhancing intimacy between partners.

    3. Deep Breathing

    As excitement builds, heart rates rise, and you start to breathe more heavily. It’s a natural response to the increased blood flow and heightened arousal during the initial phase of sex.

    4. Heightened Sensitivity

    With increased blood flow, the body experiences a surge of nitric oxide. This amplifies sensitivity, making erogenous zones like the nipples, neck, and genitals incredibly responsive to touch.

    5. Involuntary Tension Release

    When orgasm is reached, the pelvic muscles involuntarily contract and release, intensifying the pleasure. However, be aware that excessive contractions can occasionally lead to cramping.

    6. The Big O

    The climax—revered as the pinnacle of pleasure—is accompanied by a series of physical changes. The uterus and clitoris return to their normal positions, while vaginal swelling and lubrication subside. The body releases the hormone prolactin, inducing a sense of relaxation and potentially even sleep.

    7. Burning Calories

    Although not a significant amount, sex does burn some calories. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests that engaging in sexual activity can contribute to calorie expenditure.

    So, the next time you experience any of these incredible transformations during sex, remember that they are normal and temporary. Embrace the joy, connection, and numerous benefits that await you in the realm of intimacy. Let’s cherish the wonders of the human body and the remarkable experiences it can offer.

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