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    5 reasons to put that ‘kaala chashma’ on before stepping out in summer heat!

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Oct 12, 2023

    Summer is here, and we all know what that means – sunny days, beach trips, and outdoor activities. There’s something about putting on a pair of sunglasses that instantly adds a touch of boldness and class to your look. But did you know that sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement? They are your best companion when it comes to protecting your eyes from the scorching summer heat.

    To understand why wearing sunglasses is essential during the summer, I spoke to Dr. Prem Kumar Singh, a senior consultant and expert in optometry. Here are the compelling reasons he shared:

    1. Protect Your Eyes for the Long Run

    Long-term exposure to the sun can increase the risk of cataracts and worsen the symptoms of eye conditions like Glaucoma, dry eye, and retinal damage. By wearing sunglasses, you can shield your eyes from these potential problems and safeguard your vision.

    2. Prevent Eye Cancers

    Did you know that many eye cancers are related to UV exposure? Wearing sunglasses in the summer can significantly reduce your chances of developing UV-related eye cancers, ensuring that your eyes stay healthy and protected.

    3. Reduce the Risk of Cataracts and Glaucoma

    Sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection play a crucial role in reducing the risk of cataracts and complications associated with glaucoma. By investing in proper sunglasses, you can safeguard your eye health and prevent the onset of such conditions.

    4. Block Harmful UV Rays

    Whether you’re lounging by the pool, driving, or simply going for a walk, prolonged sun exposure can be harmful to your eyes. Wearing appropriate sunglasses can effectively block and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities without any worries.

    5. Shield Your Eyes from Irritants

    From dirt and pollutants to sand particles, outdoor environments expose our eyes to various irritants. These irritants can lead to discomfort, redness, and even infections. By wearing sunglasses, you can prevent these particles from entering your eyes, keeping them safe and comfortable.

    Now that you know the importance of wearing sunglasses, let’s dive into what you need to consider before purchasing a pair:

    What to Look for Before Buying Sunglasses in Summer?

    If you spend a lot of time outdoors, consider opting for sunglasses with polarized lenses. These lenses contain a filter that blocks horizontally oriented light while allowing vertical light to pass through. They effectively eliminate glare from the sun, water, or snow. Additionally, make sure your sunglasses offer higher UV protection to ensure optimal eye safety.

    Dr. Singh, an expert in optometry, emphasizes the significance of UV protection in sunglasses. He suggests, “Typically, polarized lenses will also have built-in UV protection, which is extremely important in a pair of sunglasses.”

    Polarized lenses offer several benefits, including clearer vision without glare, improved contrast, reduced eye strain, and the true perception of colors – something you may have been missing with regular sunglass lenses. However, it’s worth noting that polarized lenses may be more expensive than normal ones and are not suitable for nighttime or looking at LCD screens.

    In conclusion, proper sun protection for your eyes is crucial for maintaining good eye health and preserving your vision. Wearing sunglasses not only keeps you stylish and trendy, but it also shields your eyes from potential harm. Remember, not all sunglasses are created equal. Opt for sunglasses with polarized lenses and higher UV protection to ensure your eyes are well taken care of. So, stay stylish, protect your eyes, and enjoy the summer with confidence!

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