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    5 habits that may be stopping you from being truly happy

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 22, 2023

    Is the constant pursuit of happiness and overthinking unfulfilled expectations leaving you exhausted, tired, and miserable, ladies? It’s time to realize that waiting for a problem-free life is futile. The truth is, we all experience disappointments and difficulties throughout our lives. However, it’s how we deal with them that determines whether we can find happiness or not.

    External events don’t have the power to make us miserable; it all depends on our perception. The key lies in finding contentment with what we have. Dr. Bindu Menon, Professor and Head of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at Amrita Hospital, explains, “Misery deepens when one sees situations in black and white and refuses to find a middle ground.”

    Ladies, life can be complex, and it’s normal to feel down sometimes. However, exacerbating the reasons for misery can cost us greatly in the long run. According to Dr. Samir Parikh, Director of the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Healthcare, “It all comes down to how we view satisfaction and handle unmet expectations, whether they are personal, financial, work-related, or academic. It’s about how we navigate the ups, downs, and disappointments in life.”

    5 Habits That Can Easily Lead to Misery

    Here are five habits that can make life feel miserable:

    Feeling Dissatisfied or Lacking Contentment

    Feeling dissatisfied in life can trigger a constant state of misery. Dr. Parikh emphasizes the importance of finding contentment, stating, “Once we find that contentment, we need to deal with it. Life is a mix of good and difficult moments. Feeling content is necessary to navigate through life’s challenges.”

    Pleasing Everyone

    The quickest path to misery is trying to please everyone all the time and taking everything personally, according to Dr. Menon. The truth is, you can’t make everyone happy. What truly matters is how you please yourself and deal with your own problems. Sometimes, people can be the main source of misery, so it’s time to stop being a people pleaser!


    Procrastination, whether it’s delaying tasks or avoiding difficult conversations, leads to negative outcomes and creates internal conflict, warns Dr. Menon. Many fail to realize that procrastination acts as a slow poison, gradually draining happiness from our lives.


    Our attitude plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy mind and a happy life. Dr. Menon suggests, “Identifying and accepting negative emotions and finding healthier ways to respond to situations can reduce stress.” If your attitude isn’t working for you in a given situation, try adopting a more positive and productive mindset.

    Chasing Happiness

    Happiness resides within us. Seeking it solely through external factors is not only exhausting but also causes misery. True happiness can be found in small moments, especially those shared with loved ones. These moments can shield us from finding ourselves in miserable circumstances.

    Expert-Recommended Ways to Lead a Happier Life

    Here are a few expert-recommended strategies to make life easier and find happiness:

    • Always approach problems with a problem-solving mindset
    • Recognize and celebrate the good things in life
    • Talk to others when you’re struggling
    • Seek support in times of need
    • View situations realistically and weigh the positives and negatives
    • Identify and accept negative emotions, and work on changing your response to them

    Ladies, your perspective and response to life’s challenges can save you from unnecessary misery. Remember, happiness is within your reach, so embrace the journey and make the most of every moment.

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