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    3 ways to smell divine round the clock without using a deo or perfume!

    By NCVC Staff | Published on Sep 22, 2023

    Spritzing yourself with expensive perfumes and soaking yourself in a tub infused with a bath bomb is not the only way you can smell good. These conventional ways may come in handy, but many people can’t always use them. A busy day, an allergy, some underlying medical condition, or even forgetfulness can dampen your plans to get your fragrance game on! But can you make yourself smell delightful naturally? The answer is yes, ladies!

    Well, we are not suggesting you apply your perfumes to your pulse points. Likewise, having more than 3 baths a day is not practical either! There are other, ways of smelling good always. But before we dive into those, let’s know about why not do the regular spray and spritz, and get it over with?

    To answer that question, Dr Vidushi Jain, Dermatologist and Trichologist, spoke to HealthShots.

    You will smell like a meadow, without using a perfume. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    “There are perfumes and deodorants in the market that diminish odour while also causing skin damage. Perfumes include compounds that can lead to skin problems. Why is perfume so bad for our skin? Well, perfume contains skin-harming synthetics,” says Dr Jain, who is a Medical Head at Dermalinks

    “Perfume contains compounds such as phthalates, musk ketones, and formaldehyde, all of which can be damaging to the skin if applied improperly. Redness, rashes, and itching begin to appear on the skin as a result of skin allergies. Stop using perfume if you have a fragrance allergy. Perfumes include alcohol, which dehydrates the skin,” adds Dr Jain.

    Dry skin can be a source of a variety of skin disorders. Opting for natural ways to smell good may assist in the prevention of body disorders.

    Here are a few ways you can smell great all day without perfumes and deodorants:

    1. Use essential oils

    To smell naturally good, going natural is the answer. Essential oils have been a part of aromatherapy for centuries. While perfumes also derive their notes from nature, choosing an all-natural essential oil can make you smell fresh, moisturize your skin and treat skin problems as well. Ain’t that a good deal? The benefits don’t end here, there are a huge variety of essential oils to choose from. Among lavender, sandalwood and mandarin orange’s scintillating aroma, pick your favorite.

    Add a whiff of freshness and fragrance with these essential oils. Image courtesy: Unsplash

    How to use essential oils?

    1. Add 3-4 drops of them in your tub or bucket and enjoy an invigorating bath.
    2. Add 2-3 drops to your favorite body oil or lotion and rub all over your skin.
    3. Pour it into a roll-on bottle to carry in your purse for a quick fragrant update!

    2. Try dakhoon/ bakhoor fuming

    This one is a fragrant secret from the Middle East. What makes the Arab women leave a beckoning trail of scent is dakhoon. If this left you scratching your head, we are unfolding what dakhoon is. It is a wood chip that is derived from oud tree which is sometimes soaked in other fragrant oils. Oud, a permanent in various perfumes, is a South Asian evergreen tree that is infected with a fungus. Wait, what? Well, this fungus, unlike the one on your mouldy bread, makes this good-smelling resin oud which smells heavenly.

    How to use bakhoor?

    The Emiratis like to infuse their clothing and hair with smoke from bakhoor. It sounds like a scene out of a royal movie, right? Well, here’s how you can pamper yourself with it:

    1. Start by burning bakhoor in a charcoal incense burner or an electric burner.
    2. If you don’t have any, take a clay pot and burn a piece of bakhoor in it.
    3. Place the burner on a flat surface.
    4. As it starts to smoke, take your outfit and hover it above the fumes.
    5. Just like that you can do the same with your hair to make them smell like princess Jasmine!
    6. You can even infuse the fragrance onto your body by letting your body absorb the fragrant smoke of the bakhoor.
    7. Well, this process needs to be done with utmost care to avoid any burn accidents. Keep your distance from the burner at all times.
    8. A little care and caution will make you smell exquisite all day long!

    3. Watch what you wear

    This seems like an old trick but nonetheless, very effective. Deciding your outfit well can also determine how you smell. Wearing breathable fabrics like cotton and linen will ensure that your ‘right out of the shower’ fragrance isn’t lost. Light weight and natural fabrics are known to not trap in sweat. Therefore, they do not stink as opposed to thick, synthetic and tight-fitting fabrics.

    Always wear breathable fabrics to keep your body odor in check. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    By using the tips above, you can feel that lingering fragrance throughout the day and even beyond it. Other than these tips, drink enough water, as it will flush out toxins from your body and help you smell great! Consider doing a double rinse in the spots that sweat the most, such as the armpits, butt, feet and groin.

    However, if you experience a sudden change in your body odor or bad breath, it may be the cause of an underlying medical problem. Try to see a doctor if this issue persists.

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