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    22 women tell Health Shots the one thing they do at night to wake up happy

    By Emily Hagan | Published on Oct 18, 2023

    Have you ever wondered how some people wake up each morning feeling refreshed, stress-free, and happy? We asked 22 women to share their night-time routines for ensuring a positive start to their day. Here’s what they had to say:

    Being Prepared and Connected

    Priyanka Kumari – Mumbai

    For 36-year-old Priyanka Kumari, being prepared is key. She checks on her caterpillars and pupa at night and chats with them. Additionally, she prepares her meals for the next day, ensuring breakfast is ready. Speaking with her daughter and husband to confirm their preparations also contributes to her relaxed and happy mornings.

    Tania Suri – Mumbai

    Positivity is the winning formula for 39-year-old Mumbaikar Tania Suri. She starts by saying her prayers and sending positive energy to everyone around her. The positive environment she creates allows her to wake up with a smile each day.

    Shweta Sandhu – Scriptwriter

    According to 26-year-old scriptwriter Shweta Sandhu, connecting with loved ones is crucial. Having a conversation and sharing how their day went helps her sleep better and wake up happier.

    Pursuing Passions

    Shivangi Vyasulu – Bengaluru

    For Bengaluru-based music evangelist Shivangi Vyasulu, dream incubation is the secret to waking up happy. She spends her nights playing the keyboard, singing, and incubating her dreams.

    Surobhi Banerjee – Content Writer

    Nothing beats following a routine for 32-year-old content writer Surobhi Banerjee. Her night-time routine includes cleaning the house, spending time with her son, and dedicating some me-time before bed. Moisturizing her face, sipping a cup of chamomile tea, and connecting with her husband help her relax, ensuring a happy morning.

    Embracing Gratitude and Relaxation

    Malini Agarwal – Founder of

    For Malini Agarwal, founder of, gratitude is the key. She writes a gratitude list before sleeping, jotting down three things she is grateful for each day. This practice sets a positive tone for her mornings.

    Ankitha Hatwar – Bengaluru-based CA

    Reading is an essential part of the night-time routine for Bengaluru-based CA Ankitha Hatwar. Moisturizing her skin and reading even just a page of her favorite book before bed makes her feel pampered and fuels her imagination.

    Sarika Tandon – Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur-based Sarika Tandon lives by the motto of embracing a new day. Although she doesn’t have a specific routine, the thought of starting fresh each morning fills her with happiness.

    Rashi Gaur – Fashion Blogger, Noida

    Planning is the key for 34-year-old fashion blogger Rashi Gaur. She decides the next day’s meals and outfits, follows a night-time skincare regimen, keeps gadgets away, and indulges in reading before sleep. This preparation helps her relax and wake up feeling content.

    Cultivating Hope and Serenity

    Ruth-Hannah Pereira – Fashion Designer

    Fashion designer Ruth-Hannah Pereira believes in focusing and praying. She listens to positive affirmations before sleeping, says family prayers, and maintains a journal of accomplishments and goals. This practice instills hope and gratitude for another day.

    Noor Anand Chawla – Delhi-based Lawyer and Blogger

    Delhi-based lawyer and blogger Noor Anand Chawla prioritizes quality sleep. She places her phone on airplane mode before bed, allowing her to enjoy uninterrupted rest and wake up refreshed.

    Surbhi Khanna – Chennai-based Engineer

    For Chennai-based engineer Surbhi Khanna, music is the key to a happy morning. She reads a novel and listens to soothing music before sleeping, ensuring a positive start to her day.

    Shraddha Verenkar – Sex Educator

    Keeping a journal is a must for sex educator Shraddha Verenkar. She writes about her day, allowing her to reflect on any issues and have a peaceful sleep.

    Cherishing Connections and Moments

    Pushpika Singh – Gurgaon

    Spending quality time with her son is essential for Gurgaon-based Pushpika Singh. These precious moments before sleep and upon waking put her in a good mood.

    Naveeta Singh – Mumbai-based Healer

    Food plays a vital role in the routine of Mumbai-based healer Naveeta Singh. Planning her breakfast and knowing she’ll have a delicious first meal brings her happiness each morning.

    Alittina D’mello Crasto – 39-year-old

    Before bed, 39-year-old Alittina D’mello Crasto checks in on her family and pets, showering them with affection. Reading and saying a prayer of thanks contribute to her contented nights and happy mornings.

    Radhika Kumar – Entrepreneur

    For entrepreneur Radhika Kumar, pillow talk with her husband is essential. They discuss their plans, appreciate the day, resolve any issues, share thoughts, and dream of future travel destinations.

    Rabia Patel – Recruiting Agent

    Checking in with family is a priority for recruiting agent Rabia Patel. Each night, she calls her loved ones at 9 PM, ensuring their well-being and finding happiness in reconnecting with them.

    Renukka Raj Garkkal – Digital Content Producer

    Being organized is crucial for digital content producer Renukka Raj Garkkal. She creates a to-do list, prepares for the next morning, and organizes her belongings, ensuring a smooth start to her day.

    Sonali Chauhan – Painter

    Painter Sonali Chauhan prioritizes praying for everyone, surrounding herself with positivity. This practice brings her immense happiness, translating into a happier morning.

    Rhea Rosalind Ramji – Delhi-based Hotelier, Writer, and Chef

    Rhea Rosalind Ramji finds solace in her 17-year-old cat. Cuddling with her feline friend and meditating to the sound of purring promotes a peaceful night’s sleep and a positive morning.

    Pragati Rsahay Mishra – Business Developer

    For business developer Pragati Rsahay Mishra, summarizing her day and reflecting on her accomplishments before sleep brings a sense of productivity and fulfillment. Falling asleep with this positive mindset sets the stage for a successful morning.

    By incorporating these various night-time rituals into their routines, these 22 women have discovered the secrets to waking up happy each day. Whether it’s being prepared, nurturing relationships, pursuing passions, expressing gratitude, or cherishing moments, finding what works for you can lead to a happier and more fulfilling morning.

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